Revealing the Bats​.​.

by Trevor Pink

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Damien Youth A great ghostly late night lo-fi headphone album. Well done Lord Pink!
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These are royally trashed songs I've gathered from the past year and early this year.. Enjoy..


released March 10, 2017




Trevor Pink Covington, Louisiana

decay decay decay decay decay decay decay decay decay decay decay decay

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Track Name: Chemistry..
tearing up, hide from your friends
tearing up, it never ends
nows my time, to get you down
heres my climb, into your shell

now your brain, is all used up
now his stain, never washed out
took a sip, got hung dry
took a sip, we saw you pry

feeling his melodies
you clung to him desperately

you're lost so helplessly
costed your chemistry

recurring now, my childhood past
recurring now, waves we crashed
hiding from, the neighbor wall
no not now, house too small

her instincts, saw the beast
her instincts, fled the priest
trying now, to save the best
i feel now, much refreshed

feeling his melodies
you clung to him desperately

you're lost so helplessly
lost your chemistry

nows my time, break your hue
nows my time, break the glue
nows my time, to turn you down
nows my time, to get lost
Track Name: Lay//Decay..
wind beneath my feet
my fear of the skies
it was a starry scene
coming down from your high

the words that gleamed
gears suddenly speared down
they had enough of me
in this idea of a frown

so little was decayed
we laid in trust
our minds fewer

its your typical change

ideas rolled away
it crumbled down the pike
as if they were here to stay
forming my mental psych

the worlds that you dreamed
living your sunken themes
they had enough of me
what did it all mean
Track Name: Dweller..
lived like a land dweller
my world grew into black
read me like a taleteller
stayed like you stabbed me in the back

i lost my friend
never comeback
what was alive

diseased like me
sparkling sea
rot my beautiful body

treasons change
i changed my mind
her love was strange
strangled my time

it was the only thing i had
im dwelling on the past
youre revealing the bats
its not ever gonna last
Track Name: Lee Is Free..
build the walls around me..
running down.. creatures of myself..

despair never went away..
it was a game we used to play..

said ive been empty..
until they found me..

drowning in the sea..
my crippled heart may pop..
it never meant a lot..

that last thing i see..
is you seeing the truth..
called out to sea..

flowers love to stand still..
when our worlds, fell upon themselves..

thoughts swell like bloated leach..
gates rough. will they ever find they key..

said ive been empty..
until they found me..

drowning in the sea..
my crippled heart may pop..
but i don't want it to stop..

what's happened to you..
it darkened in me..
lee is free.. called out to sea..
Track Name: Wilted..
She guessed.. She's faint..
I fell.. Free from second fate..
We lost.. Our touch..
Oh well.. Hours became spells..

Burned from her hair..
Stayed with your concern..
Wilted as I learn..
How did your worlds turn..

I loved.. Someone..
Distance.. trickled down our spine..

Vines grew.. Into..
Our states.. Away from Heaven's Gate..
Track Name: Willowing..
it was night
walking in his trail

stormy sights
filled up the air

screamed for them
but he was never there

never realized
i had nothing left inside

i saw your mask decay
graved in my brain
though you rotted out
theres nothing without

it was light
frustrated by frail

stun by fright
knees willowed by his stairs

gleamed with whim
luck drew us apart

ran from him
fané par la femme

je demeure encore
fièvre est toujours là
Jamais je ne parle
vous cariées de mon côté

Je suppose qu'il est plus
petals grew on the other side
Track Name: Twin..
The shredded whispers of your hollow depths .. lost in this deterioration..
Watch trails wander deeper into the crevices we walked once ..
your spine died locked to the last thing I had ..
Last thing I had..
Someone I had when I was told that I'd never have anything to hold ..
I rushed from you when the branch was too low ..
They look at me from twin trees ..
They put their arms around me to prove they are the filter and I'm their clear melt ..
A fragile tower took my brothers .. And it's time for these worlds to collide..
Track Name: Feline Eyes..
Legs feel light as pockets rain..
Changing where minds strain..
My feline eyes you are my..
Lasting reason to keep alive..

Where I am..Brothers ask..
Walking drugged in the arms of heaven..Naked bodies forgave me..Back to a fallen shadow..

I could not have shut eyes..
Another day..More daylight..
Feline eyes, give me life..Run away from this awful night..
After hours, giving out..
Sun ray, pleaded out..

Out my window I can see..
A decomposed side of me..
I caught you in deaths design ..
I watched and cradled my final figure..

Loving eyes, my empty model..
Feline eyes, Please don't follow..
Track Name: Everlast..
all I can not say
wont let me go
you could not read my blank look
does not mean that I was never there

i know i am strange
a fragile discovery
never felt the same
lying lovelessly
ill never explain
my tragic accompanies
lost as fallen under bed
lying sleeplessly

saw the lights of the city
clinging to your eyes
Im completely infected
I will heal soon

ill say that your view
has forever been a peace of mind
my heart may be divided in two
lying voicelessly
never could walk infront of you
corruppted state of mind
guilt drove me to here
lying dreamlessly

i hope my thoughts never divide us in two
everything falls out
things id hate to say

taken out for alterations
what made you decide
everlastingness caused the accidents