by Trevor Pink

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released June 23, 2017




Trevor Pink Covington, Louisiana

decay decay decay decay decay decay decay decay decay decay decay decay

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Track Name: Desolate
Departed from everything..
swepted in your imagination..

je ne sais plus rien..
when i'll desolate..
you have my hearts cut..
Track Name: Twin
The shredded whispers of your hollow depths .. lost in this deterioration..
Watch trails wander deeper into the crevices we walked once ..
your spine died locked to the last thing I had ..
Last thing I had..
Someone I had when I was told that I'd never have anything to hold ..
I rushed from you when the branch was too low ..
They look at me from twin trees ..
They put their arms around me to prove they are the filter and I'm their clear melt ..
A fragile tower took my brothers .. And it's time for these worlds to collide..
Track Name: Shivering Physique
disease is a work of art..
much like my bed sheets..
from far away-
they all look the same..

a cracked mirror in my vanity..
skin can still be seen..
luck has blown..
into my shivering physique..

disease breathes naturally..
been alive, several times..
falling for, ever yours..
faces need truth..

this is the last, fatal past..
she will drown, while you sleep..
you have seen all my dreams..
they all look the same..

cracked mirror, just for me..

luck has blown..
into my shivering physique..
Track Name: Where Roses Grow
in the shelter of his blindness..
did not see death in water..
in the rising streams..
she was never found..

window panes filled with his blood..
roses grew in his hair..
how could the sun be seen..
shine down onto the stream..

Je me sens sale..
Je terminerai..